PVC Halved joint tiles BoFix GL 10 mm

Impermeable floors

The best-known PVC tile in catering kitchens and vehicle workshops, an impermeable floor that is resistant to fluids, fuels or chemicals.

The BoFix halved joint non-slip tiles are installed in such a way that the floor complies with the impermeability standards, making it suitable for all locations requiring an impermeable or hygienic floor in accordance with HACCP standards.

These tiles are commonly referred to as “rubber tiles” and are manufactured in the Netherlands from high quality recycling PVC in accordance with the highest specifications.



It is recommended that BoFix flooring is installed by experienced PVC floor layers who will use the following methods to guarantee that the flooring is completely impermeable:

  • The tiles are fully glued with 2K-PU adhesive.
  • A cold weld product is applied to the lips of the tiles, vulcanising the tiles together.
  • The seams are routed and thermally welded using a 5 mm PVC welding rod.
  • The edge and wall fittings are provided with a skirting (or hollow skirting) and sealed with a chemical resistant sealing compound.

Durable, safe and comfortable to use

  • Robust and suitable for heavy loads, including pallet tracks and forklift trucks.
  • Resistant to oil, fuels and chemicals.
  • Non-slip
  • No more dust formation. Easy to clean!
  • Long-term stability and durability in tough conditions.
  • Sound, thermal and vibration insulation for comfortable use.

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Food industry
Catering kitchens
Drinks industry
Printing businesses
Swimming pools




Surface-struktur flowline
Material 100% recycling PVC according REACH 
Dimension tiles 490x490x10 mm
Weight 14.3 kg/m² 
Hardhness 90-92 Shore
Antislip R12 
Fire Classification Cfl-s1 (B1)
Thermal Conductivity 0.07 m² K / W
Elektrical resistance 5 x 10¹° Ohm
Electrostatic propensity -1.7² kV
Tear strength 818 N/10mm
Connection halved-joint
Suitable for floorheating yes
Accesories Ramps and skirtings
Produced in Netherlands
Plasticizer exudation

Rubber tyres or caps can cause brown staining to coloured tiles, as can herbs or juices from food stuffs.

Available colors

The colours may differ from the colours shown.
The samples received before purchase may also differ somewhat from the actual tiles delivered.

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