PVC interlocking tiles BoClip 10mm


The big brother of the BoLock BF7 is a tough and durable synthetic tile system for heavy applications and has a thickness of 10 mm. The interlocking tiles are suitable for loose lay installation eliminating the need for adhesive. The tiles are virtually completely impermeable even without adhesive. The click connection is impermeable enough to safely clean the tiles. These tiles are very easy to clean and maintain.

This extremely hygienic flooring solution complies with the stringent HACCP standards (if the special click connection lip has been sealed with MS polymer kit or a cold weld product).

These tiles also offer excellent thermal and sound insulation for optimum comfort on the shop floor.

What about the installation? The floor can be installed in no time: it only takes a couple of hours to install 50 m2 of flooring which means you can avoid any disruption to your day-to-day operations.

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An excellent solution for locations that are unsuitable for other flooring systems.

The tiles cover cracks, irregularities and damage.

Perfect for damaged, damp or soiled subfloors.

In short, the ideal solution for locations that are unsuitable for other flooring systems or where the floors are subjected to heavy loads and traffic.

The click connection is made in such a way that the tiles can also be staggered with the advantage of even more stability and less cutting waste. The tiles have a neutral flow line (fanning from the centre) surface structure.

In addition, the PVC tiles have an invisible click connection system (hidden joint) resulting in an attractive level surface after installation.


The tiles have a unique click connection and are virtually impermeable.

100% impermeability can be achieved without the use of special tools.

Simply apply MS polymer kit or a cold-weld product to the sealing lip of the click connection to make the floor impermeable.

Easy to install:

  • No installation costs.
  • Minimal preparation of subfloor required (cracks, oil, etc). The interlocking tiles can be laid on top of ceramic tiles, concrete tiles and wooden subfloors.
  • All you need for installation are a rubber hammer, tape measure, jigsaw and/or circular saw.
  • These PVC tiles are for floating installation, without adhesive and can be easily picked up and refitted elsewhere making them ideal for rental properties.
  • The floor can be used immediately after installation.

Durable, safe and comfortable to use

  • Robust and suitable for heavy loads, including pallet trucks and heavy forklift trucks.
  • Resistant to oil, fuel and chemicals.
  • No more dust formation. Easy to clean!
  • Long-term stability and durability in tough conditions.
  • Sound, thermal and vibration insulation for comfortable use.

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Logistics centres
Chemical industry
Aircraft hangars
Printing businesses
Machine factories
Petrochemical industry
Metal workshops
Manufacturing companies


Struktur surface flow-line
Material 100% recycling PVC according REACH and CE 
Size tiles 500x500x10 mm
Weight 14.8 kg/m² 
Fire Classification B1fl-S1 
Hardness 90-92 Shore
Antislip R12 
Thermal Conductivity 0.07 m² K / W
Tear strenght 818 N/10mm
Connection interlocking, hidden joint
Suitable for floor heating yes
Produced in Netherlands
Accesories ramps and skirtings

Loose lay; these tiles are for loose lay installation. In some cases, such as locations with lots of direct sunlight, heavy forklift traffic or impermeability requirements in catering kitchens, it is recommended to glue the tiles to the subfloor with 2K-PU glue. Another method to ensure that the tiles stay in place under extremely heavy loads is to use a fixative. The tiles are properly fixed to the floor, yet can easily be picked up.

Plasticizer exudation

Rubber tyres or caps can cause brown staining to coloured tiles, as can herbs or juices from food stuffs

Available colors

The colours may differ from the colours shown.
The samples received before purchase may also differ somewhat from the actual tiles delivered.

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